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Sell SmartFeeder to your customers
Increase your margins on sales of new reticulation systems
Fertile Earth SmartFeeder and LiquidLife provide an additional source of income on top of your normal sales
Opportunity to increase sales of reticulation systems overall with people not previously considering reticulation attracted to the benefits of the Fertile Earth SmartFeeder
Additional sales to customers purchasing a Fertile Earth SmartFeeder to add to an existing irrigation system. Also provides an opportunity to up-sell these customers with new irrigation products or other garden products
Repeat business with sales of Fertile Earth LiquidLife plant food to your customers. Brings customers back to your business and opens opportunities for additional sales and brand building

Sell SmartFeeder services to your customers

Increased income from installation of Fertile Earth SmartFeeders with new reticulation systems
New income from installation of Fertile Earth SmartFeeders into existing reticulation systems
New income from maintenance of Fertile Earth SmartFeeders including regular topping up with Fertile Earth LiquidLife Plant Food as part of a regular garden or irrigation maintenance service
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