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• Feeds all your plants and lawn
• Makes growing a beautiful, healthy garden easy
• Fully automatic
• Easy to install into most reticulation systems
• Up to 9 times more effective than hand fertilising
• Better for the environment

A better way to fertilise your garden
SmartFeeder is an advanced new automatic fertilising system that connects directly to your reticulation to continually feed your garden and lawn as you water. With ordinary fertilisers you would hand feed your garden two or three times during the growing season. SmartFeeder will efficiently feed your garden up to 60 times over the same period the way plants prefer. Rather than fertilising in one large dose which can cause excess nutrients to leach into waters and rivers causing environmental pollution, SmartFeeder lightly feeds your plants with each watering to help them thrive.

Enjoy a healthier, greener garden
SmartFeeder’s revolutionary injection technology fertilises your plants gradually, at the correct application rate, to promote a beautiful garden and lawn. It encourages steady even growth, greening and more healthier disease and insect resistant plants. SmartFeeder also encourages stronger root development so plants become more drought tolerant and require less water. It takes the guesswork out of feeding your plants the right nutrients they need for strong, healthy growth.

Saves time in the garden
SmartFeeder turns on and off with your reticulation. All you need to do is check the liquid fertiliser once or twice a month and replace the bottle when empty. This means you can spend less time working in your garden, and more time enjoying it.

Use less fertiliser
SmartFeeder is up to 9 times more efficient than ordinary hand fertilising methods which is why plants love it! You’ll also get up to three months feeding with just one three litre bottle of LiquidLife plant food.

Quick and easy
Once installed, simply grab a bottle of Fertile Earth LiquidLife plant food, attach the ‘quick connect’ hose, prime, and your SmartFeeder and reticulation will do the rest. There’s no mixing, no measuring and no mess!

Feeds all your plants
Suitable for gardens, new and established lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, fruit, natives and potted plants.

Easy to install. Fits most retic systems
Easy to install into most new or existing reticulation systems. Works with sprinkler, drip and sub-surface irrigation. Requires no electricity or batteries. For more information see our Installation guide. Items required for installation sold separately.

What's in the box
Box contents: Fertile Earth SmartFeeder, Quick Connect Hose, Flow Directors and Installation Guide. See How to install for additional items you'll need for DIY installation.

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