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About LiquidLife
Liquid Vs Granular
Benefits of fertigation

• Advanced liquid plant food formula
• Enriched with essential trace elements
• Added organic humus helps save water
• Promotes deeper root growth
• Feeds through the roots and leaves
• For use with your SmartFeeder

Advanced plant nutrition for the whole garden
LiquidLife Garden and Lawn is a premium quality plant food specially formulated to feed all your plants through the growing season. Enriched with essential trace elements, it starts working quickly, feeding through the roots and leaves as you water. Added organic humus helps improve nutrient and water retention in the soil, soil fertility and plant health.

Easy to use
Simply connect the LiquidLife bottle to your SmartFeeder. There’s no mixing, no measuring and no pouring! Your SmartFeeder will apply fertiliser at the correct rate across your garden while your reticulation is watering.

For all your plants
Suitable for new and established lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, natives, vegetables, fruit and potted plants.

One bottle feeds your entire garden
If you water 10mm twice a week you’ll get up to 3 months* regular feeding, depending on garden size.
*Coverage: 100sqm area up to 3 months, 200sqm area up to 1.5 months, 300sqm area up to 1 month.

Safe to use around the home
When used as directed, LiquidLife is safe to use around children and pets, and won’t burn your plants.

Guaranteed analysis %w/v

Total Nitrogen (N) 10%
Total Phosphorus (P) 5%
Total Potassium (K) 10%

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