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Simply the best way to fertilise your garden
Fertigation is the process of applying liquid fertiliser through an automatic irrigation or reticulation system. Used extensively throughout the world in modern horticulture, agriculture, landscape nurseries and golf courses, fertigation remarkably increases the efficiency and nutritional benefits of fertilising over traditional methods.

How fertigation works
Fertigation systems, like the Fertile Earth SmartFeeder, use sophisticated injection technology which feeds small, measured doses of nutrients into the water stream during watering. Lightly feeding plants in this way creates a constant nutrient rich growing environment in which plants thrive. There’s no surge growth that can occur after normal fertilising methods, and nutrients are also applied more uniformly and precisely.

Plants grow stronger and healthier
Fertigation encourages steady, even growth and greening, and healthier, more disease and insect resistant plants. Fertigation also encourages stronger root development so plants become more drought tolerant and require less water.

Breaks the feast/famine cycle
With traditional hand-fertilising methods, fertiliser is normally applied in heavy, infrequent doses. Excess nutrients in the soil causes over-feeding and surge growth, followed by a period of under-nourishment as nutrients breakdown or leach through the soil causing groundwater pollution. This feast/famine cycle is stressful on plants, causing poor root development and gardens to be more susceptible to disease, drought and insects. It is also almost impossible to apply fertiliser uniformly by hand at exactly the manufacturers recommended rate.

Helps reduce fertiliser impact on the environment
When fertiliser is applied to the soil in large doses, excess nutrients are often washed away or leach below the root zone into ground waters causing algae blooms in waters and rivers. With fertigation, liquid fertiliser is applied in small doses with up to 90% of nutrients absorbed by the plant. It’s the environmentally friendly way to grow a beautiful garden.

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